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Apple CarPlay Support

Editorially selected

CarPlay apps are editorially selected by Apple. I’ve requested Apple to consider Scenic for CarPlay multiple times already, and will continue submitting requests. So far Scenic has not been selected. So, unfortunately, wether or not Scenic will ever support CarPlay, depends entirely on Apple. If and when they decide to select Scenic for CarPlay, development will begin ASAP.

How you can help

Well, I’m actually not sure if this is going to help, but it’s worth a shot. Leave some feedback for Apple here. As Feedback Type select ‘Feature Request’ and enter something like I would like to have CarPlay support for the app ‘Scenic Motorcycle Navigation’. Perhaps add some additional comments about why you’d like that. E.g. that you are using it in your car too and/or that your motorcycle supports CarPlay but you can’t use your favourite motorcycle navigation app on there.

UPDATE JULY 22, 2020

Apple approved CarPlay Support for Scenic now! Development has started and is aimed for start of 2021 motorcycle season.