How was MotoMappers born?

It will come as no surprise that I'm an enthusiastic Motorcycle Rider. When I started riding in 2008 I wanted to know where the best scenic roads were for Motorcycle Riding. It always took me quite some time to find nice routes on the internet and then I was stuck with the challenge on how to follow that exact route. To make a long story short, after experimenting quite a bit with paper maps, printed directions, iPads in tank bag, Mainstream Navigation Apps, Garmin Zumo, etc. I came to the conclusion that there was no ideal solution out there. So, in my quest for the perfect Route Finding and Navigating solution I decided to start MotoMappers in my free time. A few years later I decided to quit my corporate job and put all my efforts into MotoMappers. It was officially registered as a company in July 2014.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or would like to contribute to MotoMappers, there's a few ways you can contact me:

Ride Safe and Enjoy the Ride!