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Scenic 3 info

A new version of Scenic, Scenic 3, is currently in development. Scenic 3 is aimed for next motorcycle season and will feature a new map and routing provider, some big improvements to the usability, new functionalities and later next year, CarPlay support (which was recently approved by Apple).

I won’t name any specific dates yet, but I will keep updating Scenic 2 where necessary of course. This will mostly entail smaller requests and bug fixes, as bigger items will be shifted to Scenic 3.

What happens to my purchases?

You keep them. There will be no changes to Premium and Credits. You will keep all you purchases, including all offline map regions you purchased in the past, although you might need to download a new version of them.

How will I know when it’s ready?

Scenic 3 will be pushed as an update through the App Store, just like a regular update from, for example, Scenic 2.3.0 to 2.3.1. So, if you have auto app updates turned on in your iCloud settings it will update automatically. I’ll also communicate through our newsletter Moto Intel Report of course.