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How to create a FORUM account

You can NOT use your Scenic App account in the forum. They are different systems. You’ll need to create a separate forum account. Of course you can choose the same nickname and even use the same email… that’s up to you.

To create an forum account:

1. Choose ‘Forum’ from the top menu bar on the Scenic website

2. Choose ‘Register’ from the forum bar

3. Choose a nickname and email (DON’T ENTER A PASSWORD yet) and click ‘Register’.

4. You’ll go to the login screen with a message “Registration complete, Please check your email”. DON’T ENTER YOUR INFORMATION HERE YET.

5. Open the email that was sent to you (it might have ended up in your SPAM folder) and click the top link in that email.

6. In the web page that opens you can now access the password that was generated for you, or overwrite this password with a password of your choosing, and click “Reset Password”.

7. Your account has been created now. You can now login with the chosen username and password. Go to the forum and click on the ‘Login’ link in the forum bar… and enter your username and password there.