Motorcycle Navigation

No Voice Guidance Instructions

There can be several causes for this:

  • You muted the voice by accident
    While navigating, if you go to the navigation menu (big button menu), a few buttons will appear. One of them is a mute voice button. It’s off by default, but perhaps you accidentally tapped it on a previous trip (the setting is remembered between trips).
  • The first guidance instruction is far away
    If the first guidance instruction is far away you will only hear a beep when starting a ride. The first instruction will play just before the turn. Depending on the type of road, this can be 2 miles up to half a mile before the actual turn.
  • You are not premium
    Voice is a premium feature. If you are not premium, when starting a ride, you will be asked what you’d like to do: Continue without voice or pay 1-credit for voice guidance for that ride. If you chose ‘continue without’ you won’t get any voice.
  • Check your sound settings and connected audio devices
    For 99% of all cases your sound setting should be on ‘Device Default’. Only if you want to force playing over the iPhone Speakers or to a bluetooth device connected through handsfree phonecall protocol (HFP), choose the corresponding option.
  • Select another voice/language
    There was a bug in earlier versions of iOS13 where some text-to-speech voices were not recognised by iOS, thus no voice would play. To correct this, select another voice through Settings > Sound & Haptics > Voice & Language