Frequently Asked Questions

Unmapped or incorrect Roads and Ferries

There are some areas/regions which are affected by this while most areas are fine. Scenic uses the Skobbler framework which uses the data of Open Street Maps (OSM). So the map and routing (incl. guidance instructions) are as good as the OSM data is. Maps are usually updated twice a year by Skobbler, based on a fresh extract of OSM data. You will get a pop-up when a new map version is available.

As a workaround you can do 3 things:

  1. For Ferries... try to place a via point in the middle of your crossing (in the water, along the ferry route). In most cases this will force the routing to take the ferry.
  2. Split up the route in a route before the ‘map error' and a route after. Then, when at the point after the error, select the second route to continue your journey.
  3. Put a via point before the map error and one directly after. The route calculation will then calculate another way to reach these points. Then, during your trip, just ignore the routing instructions at that point and once you reach the via point after the map inconsistency, it will recognise you are on the route again and ‘forget’ about the detour and guide you further along the route as you designed it.

Can I import my MotoMap Rides and Tracks?

Yes. Both your MotoMap Rides and Tracks can be imported into Scenic. They will both be imported as Routes though, not as Trips. To do this go to the MotoMap WebApp Settings (if necessary, login with your MotoMap email and password). There you'll see a section 'Email my MotoMap GPX Files to import into Scenic'. Tap the 'Send Email' button. Wait for the Email to arrive and follow the instructions in the email.

Calculated Route doesn't match GPX?

In this blog article I explain why this can happen.

Why can't I login with my MotoMap or account

Your MotoMap and account can't be used in Scenic. You'll have to create a new account. Scenic stores data (routes, trips, your profile) in a different way then MotoMap and That's why Scenic's database is completely seperate from MotoMap's and's database.

Why is route calculation taking long?

When map data for your route area is not on your phone (as an offline map or in the cache) Scenic needs to make an online connection to the routing server. On these occasions, if your internet connection is not optimal, it can take a long time until the calculated route is received from the server. Downloading the offline map for the country of your route will increase calculation speed tremendously.

Why is my GPX Import Aborted?

There can be several reasons for that. The most common is the use of illegal characters (such as & < >) in a route/track/waypoint name or description. The Software or the device that created the GPX should have 'escaped' these illegal characters when creating the GPX. Your best option is to contact the developer of the software and tell them what's going on. They are probably not aware of this bug and will most likely appreciate you telling them. Another common reason is the incorrect formatting of the GPX file. In this case it's also best to contact the software developer. If you believe the GPX is correct and it's still not importing please send it to Support by tapping the Email Me button below.

Where's my verification Email?

Sometimes verification emails are marked as Spam or Junk. So, please check your Spam or Junk folders. Sometimes they are blocked entirely. If you try to log in to an account that is not activated you will get the opportunity to resend the verification email.

Will there be an Android version of Scenic?

That depends on how well the iOS version will do. It costs time and money to develop and maintain 2 platforms. So first I need to see if it's worth it.

What's the difference between a GPX Route and a GPX Track?

A Route is a plan for a future trip and a Track is a record of a passed trip. Routes typically have less points then Tracks because:

  1. the person planning a Route indicates key points that he/she wants to pass during their trip and
  2. a track is a log of a trip, typically recorded by a GPS Device (E.g. SatNav or Phone), saving coordinates every x distance and/or every x seconds.
When importing a GPX and it contains a Track and a Route it's almost always better to import the Route, as this is the original plan that someone made. The track might have discrepancies caused by deviations from the original route (e.g. by taking a wrong turn somewhere or taking an unplanned detour)

How can I create Off Road Routes with Scenic?

You can only IMPORT Off Road Routes from GPX with Scenic, not create them from scratch. Off Road Routes typically have a lot of dirt roads in them, which are often unmapped (i.e. the Map does not know these roads exist) and consequently can not calculate your route over them. If the route can not be calculated a straight line is drawn between the via points, so you'd have to add a huge number of via points to get the correct route. If you import a Track from a GPX this huge number of points is provided in the GPX and Scenic can save those as is.